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 How to make safe liquid beef diet for picky eaters

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How to make safe liquid beef diet for picky eaters Empty
PostSubject: How to make safe liquid beef diet for picky eaters   How to make safe liquid beef diet for picky eaters EmptyFri Feb 25, 2011 4:51 pm

My new girl is on liquid diet because she had never been fed anything but live ant nests. Started with a blue cheese mix since blue cheese smells like ants(one favored species anyway) and worked up to more beef but took me awhile to come up with a method to do liquid beef right.

Take 3 cups beef food mix and blend well with 5 cups water. Strain it and take the "waist" and put in a container and cover with vinegar. I also added 2 spoonfuls of citric acid powder but might not be needed, might just need to soak longer with plain vinegar. Apple cider vinegar still best. Let soak 2 days in fridge but was less than a full 48 hours. Blend with water and makes a gelatinous mess but all meat fibers are gone. Mix back into the strained mix and you now have the full nutrition of the beef diet in liquid form. Citric acid powder is sometimes sold as meat tenderizer, check labels or buy in bulk online, a common food ingredient.

Another tip is to feed the mix ice cold. I don't know why but this has been true of any tamandua here so far on liquid. They want it ice cold or they wont touch it or only take a tiny taste then complain.

Pua being bonded to me also insisted I hold the bowl for her. She would wake me regularly at night and insist I hold her food to feed her. I may as well have been bottle feeding her.

Almost as bad as Aurora now. She wakes me every couple hours wanting me to change the bowl. I've tried putting it out half frozen but even though still cold from that she'll insist I change the bowl next feeding anyway. Tamandua can be such picky devas.

As previously posted, here is the beef diet.

3 cups ground beef(75% lean)
3 cups feeder insects(optional but ups the protein)
1 cup beef heart
1/3 cup flax seed meal
1 cup wheat bran
1/3 cup spinach or 1 teaspoon fresh thyme(you would use less dried thyme. Thyme is higher in K and iron than spinach and drying concentrates it)
3tbls black strap molasses(for iron) 2 tbls nutritional yeast(for iron and B vitamins)(They have very high iron needs)
Always add vinegar, cider preferred. I just add what seems right for consistency and she drinks some with her meals too(they don't have stomach acid and rely on the acid in their food)

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How to make safe liquid beef diet for picky eaters
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