Pet anteaters and other exotics

Ask questions about anteaters or chat about other exotics and issues int he animal community.
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 ATX Exotics

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PostSubject: ATX Exotics   ATX Exotics EmptyWed Feb 29, 2012 12:28 am

Quote :
"I am currently putting together a website that is designed to show the general public the antipet trend that has been building recently. I keep reptiles, and I am getting hit pretty hard on a national level. I know you guys with your furries are getting hit, too. My goal is to show the average dog owner that A) we are no different and B) they will be next. The reptile community follows the big opposition like HSUS, PETA and the overall governmental regulations pretty closely, as I'm sure you guys do, and we have seen a definitive trend with an end goal of 'no pets for anyone'. The general public funds this goal because they don't know any better. All I am doing is pulling together all of the information already out there and trying to create a simple narrative. Hopefully this narrative will lead others to see what I see. I am asking anybody with a stake in this fight to help by contributing content and links, videos, pictures, etc. My personal focus is reptiles but I want to unite us all against our common enemy. They have succeeded in controlling the fight by nibbling away at us seperately, saving the most difficult fight (dogs and cats) for last. It has to stop now or I see a very bleak future ahead. I am also encouraging everyone to participate in a grassroots ad campaign- fliers, magazine and newspaper ads, etc. Lead them to this sight with something like- 'We love our pets. Do you love yours? They are trying to take our families away from us and yours will be next.' with donttakeourpets .com. If we all start doing this in our local papers, tv stations or whatever you can afford, we can do what they have been doing to us- a consistent, prolonged assault on the public's perceptions. Maybe we can start to swing it back around.
If you want to see the site it is currently, but I will switch it to the full domain by the weekend, I hope. Thank you for your support and feel free to contact me with any suggestions or critiques. I want this to be a group effort. Send any info, content or comments to goodgaimanomens@yahoo"
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ATX Exotics
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