Pet anteaters and other exotics

Ask questions about anteaters or chat about other exotics and issues int he animal community.
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 Rare Exotic Pets

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PostSubject: Rare Exotic Pets   Rare Exotic Pets EmptySun Sep 20, 2015 2:41 pm

I just thought I put together a short list of some of the rarer exotics people own as pets:

Lesser Grison: This is a mustelid (weasel) that comes from South America. They look somewhat like a badger, but they are smaller and more social.

Six-banded Armadillo: There are a number of species of armadillos in America. They live in rainforests and grasslands and are solitary. They are also omnivores, sheltering in dens.

Pademelon: A type of small macropod (kangaroos, wallabies, ect), there are a few different species. They feed on plants such as herbs, grass and sometimes nectar-bearing flowers. They are only a meter or so in length (including the tail).

Muntjac Deer: These are small, solitary deer from India and the surrounding area. There are multiple species, the most common of which is the Indian Muntjac. The males have fangs in their mouth, though they are plant eaters.

Pale Fox: Similar to the Fennec Fox, they are small, sandy colored canines that weigh only 4-6 lbs and are found in semi-deserts. They are omnivores and eat plants, rodents, reptiles and insects.

There are many others as well, all of them so beautiful and unique. I love the variety of animals! : )
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Rare Exotic Pets
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